We offer FREE assistance in the following areas:

Tenant Counseling & Advocacy

Our housing specialists provide a broad array of tenant services, including building inspections, arranging repairs, resolving landlord tenant disputes, correcting rent overcharges, and applying for benefits and entitlements. We also serve as “tenant advocate” in housing court for those without legal representation facing eviction.

Landlord Assistance

NIDC gives owners the information and assistance they need to ensure their properties are well maintained and legal obligations fulfilled. We help landlords secure loans, conduct preventative maintenance, address security issues plaguing their building, and mediate tenant disputes.

Tenant/Community Organizing 

NIDC helps residents take control of their communities by forming tenant/community associations.  We provide the technical assistance needed to develop effective, action-oriented associations ready to tackle issues facing the community.

Community Events

Throughout the year, NIDC co-sponsors events to bring together residents of the surrounding neighborhoods in positive ways, such as Movies Under the Stars, National Night Out Against Crime, Summer Street Fair, Holiday Toy Giveaway, and much more.

Crime Prevention Initiative

Our crime prevention initiative seeks to raise public awareness of local crime issues, teach vital preventive and safety skills, and act as a liaison between police, tenants, elected officials, landlords and other organizations.

We work with Community Affairs, Crime Prevention Officers, and other law enforcement agencies to reduce robbery, burglary, car thefts, and conduct building security surveys.

Merchant Organizing

Engaging local businesses is a crucial part of the community revitalization process. To that end, NIDC leads strategic planning, outreach, and organizing efforts in the creation of new merchants associations or the solidifying of existing ones.

The Bronx Business Development Program, directed by Joseph Regina, along with the support of Council Member Jimmy Vacca and the NYC Department of Small Business Services, leads the way in providing the support for small businesses to thrive and prosper in the borough.
This program is focused on, but not limited to, providing technical assistance and support in the following areas: fundraising, area marketing, merchant outreach, committee organization, phase I, II and III consultation (B.I.D. formation), and start-up/board formation.