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William Foster, Executive Director

A New Yorker through and through, William Foster was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. He attended public schools throughout his academic career and honed his work ethic at a young age as he managed to balance a full time job and schoolwork during college and graduate school.

Armed with a degree, he took a job in the Bronx as a counselor working with severely mentally ill people, which lead to an opportunity to supervise mental health counselors. With the help of his first administrative supervisor, Bessie, he learned what it takes to be a great leader.

Those invaluable lessons lead him to two directorial and organizational management positions. In 2004, William was contacted by NIDC to revitalize the organization and put it on a new path towards success. It was only with the courage of the staff, the support of the board and community, and a lack of knowledge about when to throw in the towel that NIDC began stabilize and grow. 

Today, William has three beautiful children, a wonderful wife, and the directorship of a strong and thriving organization. 


Hazel Miura, Director of Housing and Community Development 

For over 25 years, Hazel Miura has worked closely with local businesses, merchants and civic associations, city, state and federal agencies, community leaders and elected officials to improve communities in the Bronx. She has formed numerous successful community associations, including BRAVES – Bronx Renters Alliance of Voters for Rent Stabilization – a coalition of Bronx community based organizations, tenant associations and Bronx elected officials, with the mission of renewing the rent stabilization laws. At NIDC, Miura leads the Housing and Community Development department advocating for residents throughout the Bronx.



Christy Olsen, Director of Program Operations

Since joining NIDC in 2001 as a teen director, Christy Olsen has been instrumental in the growth and development of NIDC’s youth services. She has expanded afterschool programming at the P.S. 96, started afterschool programing at P.S. 357 and Eastchester Gardens Community Center, and stabilized NIDC’s Summer Camp and Prep For Success programming. Olsen counts seeing her former students earn degrees, return to NIDC as volunteers and staff, and turn their lives around as one of her greatest accomplishments. She currently oversees all youth services at NIDC.

Youth Department


Kayla Ruiz, P.S. 77 Program Director Jason Williams, ECG Program Director


718-231-7384 / 718-231-7385


Toni Faiella, P.S. 96 Program Director Jarrett Gatson, Prep for Success Youth Coordinator


718-231-9800 ext. 23

Yasli Suero, P.S. 96 Assistant Program Director Mattie Martinez, Prep for Success Youth Coordinator


718-231-9800 ext. 16

P.S./M.S.89 P.S.483

Tasha Cooper, P.S./M.S.89 Program Director Ky’Ran Appow, P.S.483 Onsite Supervisor / Quality Assurance Specialist


Johnny Ponce, P.S./M.S.89 Assistant Program Director